Quality Screen and Glass Products

Window Screens

From one to many, we can fabricate aluminum window screens for your home or business. Rescreening and repair services are also available for existing window screens. Our shop stocks a variety of fiberglass mesh, as well as specialty mesh such as Pet Screen and Sun Screen.  Bring your screens in, or we’ll gladly come to you!

Screen Doors - Hinged and Sliding

One of our most requested services is the replacement of hinged and sliding screen doors. These types of doors tend to get the most use and are more prone to damage because of their constant movement. Many times when wear and tear begin to appear, we can repair these doors saving on the cost of replacement.

Security Screen Windows and Doors

If security is your #1 concern, we can supply and install your security windows and doors. All of our security screens are made by trusted manufactures that offer an extra level of protection.

Glass and Mirror Installations

Working with glass and mirrors is always tricky since you never know if one little nick will cause it to fail. These failures usually create safety issues-this is why we work with local suppliers to minimize waiting periods for glass and mirror units to get repairs done quickly.

Window and Door Hardware

Repair if can, replace if have to. Whether it be casement, awning, jalousie style windows, or a sliding glass door, let’s see if repairing is an option. Many windows and door parts, like operators and rollers, can be replaced, extending the life of the unit and postponing the costly expense of replacement. To further extend the life of your windows and doors, follow up with regular maintenance services.


Want to keep your windows and doors working properly? We offer affordable maintenance services on a semi-annual or quarterly basis. We use quality lubricants and solutions that have the least amount of lingering odor and assist in retarding corrosion. During each maintenance service, our tech will assess existing hardware and advise on proactively planning for future hardware replacement. The frequency of maintenance services will depend on hardware age, usage, and location of the property.

Glass Window and Door Installations

Need to replace a glass window or sliding screen door? We supply and install aluminum, as well as vinyl glass windows and door units. To ensure a proper fit to the existing window and door opening, each unit is custom-made for your home.

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