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Are you looking for sliding screen door replacement in Honolulu? RE: Screen and Glass is the best provider that you can trust!

RSG is the result of a burning passion and desire to provide solutions to local communities. Our services are constantly being improved to deal with the demands of our customers. 

Here are the products that we currently work on

Window Screens:
RSG repairs and fabricate custom aluminum framed window screens with the standard fiberglass mesh, as well as, other specialty type mesh such as Pet Screen. We also offer re-screening of existing screens for aluminum and wooden frames.

Hinged & Sliding Screen Doors:
Hinged doors and sliding screen doors are prone to damage because of their constant movement and the occasional “walk-throughs”. We have the capabilities to work on aluminum and wooden framed screen doors. We can ensure the quality workmanship of our sliding screen door repairs. Our sliding screen door replacements in Honolulu is one of our most popular products. 

Security Screen Windows & Doors:
If security is your number one concern, we can install your security window screens and doors. All of our security screens are made from durable and high-quality materials.

Window & Door Installations:  
If you need window and door replacements, we can install new units for you. RSG will make sure you get the most durable window or door that works best for our coastal environment on the market today! 

Glass & Mirror Replacements:  
Do you need glass and mirror replaced at your home? We work with local suppliers to minimize long lead times for glass units typically brought in from the mainland. 

Window & Door Hardware:  
Is the hardware on your jalousie, casement, or awning windows frozen shut? We can help by freeing up or replacing those weathered parts to get your window working again.

Window Hardware Maintenance: 
Want to keep those windows working properly? RSG offers affordable hardware maintenance services to keep your windows working - extending the life of your windows and postponing the costly expense of replacing.

  1. Window Screens
    Window Screens
  2. ​Hinged & Sliding Screen Doors
    ​Hinged & Sliding Screen Doors
  3. Security Screen Windows & Doors
    Security Screen Windows & Doors
  4. ​Window & Door Installations
    ​Window & Door Installations
  5. Window & Door Hardware
    Window & Door Hardware
  6. Glass & Mirror
    Glass & Mirror
If you need any of our repair and replacement services, you can reach us at 808.330.6058.
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